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About the website

This website is based on a pop-up book ‘How we make stuff’, written by Christiane Dorion, illustrated by Beverley Young and published by Templar. The book explains how we make everyday objects, from the extraction of resources to the disposal of unwanted stuff. But does it have to be this way? In collaboration with the author, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation has developed this website to explore further how we can learn from living systems and rethink the way we design, make and use our stuff. It aims to encourage children and primary educators to explore the concept of a circular economy and to provide fun activities to stimulate debate. Have fun exploring!

Based on the original book ‘How We Make Stuff’ by Christiane Dorion, Templar Publishing, 2012.
Website text by Christiane Dorion - Design by Harriet Pellereau.

© 2012 Ellen MacArthur Foundation - Illustration © Beverley Young - Text © Christiane Dorion